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Elevating the standard of tech.

We're focused on creating ethical, secure, and accessible digital experiences. Through these values, we're transforming the way the industry looks and operates.

Our Services

How we can serve you.


Exploration & Planing

We help build organizations of all sizes create or enhance their online presence. With our help, organizations increase conversions and revenue through our accessible focused web development process.

Testing & Building

We simplify the most complicated workflow by focusing on human-centered methodologies and best practices. We believe user experience starts before the user engages with your product. We help businesses at every step of their lifecycle – from startup to enterprise.

Training & Recruitment

We help organizations build an inclusive interview, onboarding process, retention, and growth plans. On top of this, our clients will be able to hire individuals from the teams they work with.
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Architecture Design
We help you make strategic decisions early on to save you money. With our support even non technical owners can feel confident with technical direction.
Web Development
Using modern approaches and best practices we build solutions that support your business user needs. We're able to build web applications for multiple device sizes and all levels of complexity.
Accessibility Audit
All user deserves the same level of access across the internet. Through our audit we help you find the ways to improve your site accessibility and meeting ADA regulations.

UX & Design

Through our in-depth competitive analysis paired with market research we're able to create personas that represent your target market. We find your users motivators to drive user engagement and loyalty.
Journey Mapping
Journey mapping helps us understand your users emotional drive, and the different touch points they make. With this information we're able to evaluate their emotional drive and improve the experiences.
Wire Frames
We create high (very detailed) and low fidelity (simplified) wire frames to create design blueprint to your digital product. These blueprints can help you raise a round of fundraising and become the guide to your next project.

Business Automation

Pitch Decks
We help business of all sizes turn their pitch decks into self updating decks. This way business leaders and founders and spend more time on impact vs updating charts and slides.
We help brands automate sharing messages across multiple social media platforms, newsletters, and blog post.
Internal Workflows
With the help of automation tools, companies can reduce repetitive workflows


Interview and Beyond
Companies are looking to support diverse environments but might not have the resources to develop organizational processes and policies that's focused on retaining and growing diverse talent. We help companies build strong policies that back their strong DEI statements.
Organizations struggle with creating environments that allow entry level individuals the space for growth and development. Phoenixing's built-in mentorship and training program allows new technologists to excel in their next fast paced role.
Organizations struggle to attract diverse candidate pools hindering their ability to build diverse products. Every person who is placed on your team is a candidate that we train to fit your current workflow. At the end of the contract you'll have the opportunity to hire any one on your team.
The new standard of tech
As a diversity-centered agency, we are able to build products beyond the limits of tech's default homogeneous teams.